Last One Out, Please Turn Off the Lights

Three points? That’s it?

In a game the Broncos ostensibly needed to win in order to make the playoffs, the defense once again played lights-out, holding an NFL team to one touchdown and nothing more (although there was the matter of the missed field goal).

Three points? Really?

Sure, there were some questionable non-calls from the refs. But if you’re expecting the refs to get every call right every single time, it’s going to be a long time before your team wins any titles.

Especially when they can only muster three points. And that after a muffed punt on the opposition’s 20.

Tebow fans, you may want to cover your eyes. The league has figured out how to play your boy. The Chiefs were the first team to flawlessly execute the gameplan: Use your biggest guys in the middle to hold the point of attack, while letting your linebackers play contain, moving up field to keep Tebow in the pocket. Then play tight man coverage in the secondary.

Tebow ran back, he ran forth, he ran side to side. But he didn’t break the pocket. And because he’s not a quarterback, he didn’t keep his eyes up field, looking for his outlet pass.

It’s over, folks.

Oh, Tebow will start next year. His loudest devotees will tell you all about it, how he earned the right to start next year from the beginning because of a “historic” win streak that displayed his “athleticism” and “leadership” and “intangibles” and “FREEDOM®,” but here we are, and the rebuild of what was a very bad team (and is now only a marginally bad team) is delayed by (at least) a year because of TEBOW TIME™.

Now, thanks to the epic DERP-itude from Oakland’s Carson Palmer, instead of getting a decent draft pick and helping the team move forward, we’re going to get destroyed at home by a Pittsburgh squad that is only 10x the team as the one who just held us to 3 points over four quarters. Sounds rad.

What’s that? The Broncos can win? Cool. Any given Sunday, right? High five!

After all, they’ll be missing their workhorse running back! Rashard Mendenhall might be out with a torn ACL! And Big Ben! Big Ben is injured too! He’s limping like crazy and has been ineffective lately! We’ve got a chance!

Bad news: Their backup running back situation isn’t bad. Isaac Redman will likely start, and Mewelde Moore will be in the mix as well. Oh, and an injured Ben is still 10x the quarterback than is Tim Tebow.

Of course, the playcalling argument is coming out. The “Tebow needs a more talented cast” argument is coming out. The “well, the refs missed a bunch of calls that could have turned the game around” argument is coming out.

People: Stop. Just stop it. If everything has to go perfectly on that field every Sunday for your team to get the win, you’re going to lose more than you win.

That goes 11,000 times for Woody Paige, who is now leaping in front of bullets to protect his favorite quarterback, blaming everyone but the guy selling beer and Cracker Jack for Tebow’s dogshit performance. And let’s not kid ourselves: Tebow was every bit as bad as the worst QB performance of the year.

His line: 6/22 passing. 60 yards. No touchdowns. One interception. One fumble. A 20.6 passer rating. Is it any wonder that he couldn’t win the starting job in camp? He’s TERRIBLE at throwing the ball. Fucking ABYSMAL.

Consider this: with even marginally competent quarterback play yesterday, we beat the Chiefs. Not only beat them, but most likely whoop their asses. We were at home! Playoffs on the line! And we got to see… that performance?

TJ Johnson over at It’s All Over Fat Man makes a really good point about committing to a quarterback too early, and makes a spot on comparison. “Watching Mark Sanchez today was laughable, yes, but it was also a reminder of just how important context is when evaluating a quarterback.  He was given the “he’s just a winner” tag early in his career.  Now, even the biggest Sanchez boosters are having a hard time saying that he can get it done unless the Jets play a perfect game.” Isn’t that the book on Tebow as well?

This is what concerned me about the Tebow experiment. The NFL is not a gimmick league. Gimmicks meet a swift end in the League, as teams have the athleticism and speed on defense to adjust and defeat gimmicks. It’s a matter of available film, nothing more.

Look at the Wildcat that Miami ran. It was new (even though it was old), and it was surprising, and teams weren’t ready for it, and then suddenly, one week, it was all over. The Wildcat was a gimmick that had seen the end of days.

Remember the Run-And-Shoot? College spread offense makes it to the league with the Falcons and Lions, works for a bit, teams put up huge numbers… and then suddenly, one day, it stopped working.

10 years from now, we’ll look back and say “remember that Tim Tebow option offense the Broncos ran for a bit?” The Patriots gave the blueprint to the league, the Bills stayed within the confines of those blueprints, and the Chiefs executed the plan perfectly for four quarters.

Gimmick over.

It’s time for Timmy to become a quarterback or become a fullback.


  1. Johnny Dickpuncher says:

    God bless you sir. Nail on the head!

  2. Well done Sir!

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