The Cockpunch: LeBob Finally Wins Edition


It only took him nine years, and to be put into a big market with two other all stars and the best glue guy (Shane Battier) of the last 20 years, and to get almost every call possible on the way, but… sure, Congratulations, LeBob! You’ve proven that if you want something badly enough, and are willing to go to a team already stacked with talent while shunning the people and place that raised you, both as a human as a basketball player, good things can happen to you.

Imagine my relief. On to the links.

Mexican Space Lizard W. Mittens Romney’s “Every Town Counts” tour rolled through Michigan over the last couple days, stopping in diverse places like Holland, Dewitt and Frankenmuth, places where the Dutch (hey that’s me!) are well-represented. They’re adorable little towns, and Holland in particular is very cutesy, even offering a tulip festival at one point in the year and having real old-world windmills. Awesomesauce. Now, we’re not here to bash Mittens, but since we are here and since he is so bashable… All of his supporters are white men, he doesn’t know what to do about immigration reform since he spent the entire primary talking about “self-deportation,” and honestly I’m not sure who would vote for the guy (other than other rich people and middle class whiteys — me again — voting against their best interests). But other than that, top drawer stuff, Mittens. See you in November.

Tom Tancredo is RACIST. Holy shit, does that guy hate dark skin. “That totally surprises me!” said no one with a functioning brain.

Man stuck in a river with a broken leg for six days? Man stuck in a river with a broken leg for six days. And that’s why you always leave a note. [Ed. Note: As mentioned in a previous column, we will not be linking to any stories in the Denver Post if there is any possible alternative.]

As I mentioned at the top, LeBob won a ring (which sucks on a couple of personal levels for me. First, it means a hearty goodbye to “LeBron Mode” on my phone, so-called because “no rings.” Second, it’s the end of my taunting him with “King of WHAT?” while watching him play from thousands of miles away on my television. He heard me, though. He heard me.

Anyway, LeBron’s victory means a loss for the most exciting young player in the league, Kevin Durant. The DC by way of Texas prospect runs the floor like a gazelle, dunks with thunder, and can shoot the lights out. But as of right now, he’s one year away from getting his ring. He’s also perhaps the most “human” human in sports, as this clip shows from the postgame coverage.

Also, thanks to Chris Ross for commenting yesterday about the BCS and the college football playoff, complete with a link to his blog. It’s a good blog, and worth a read. However, I disagree with his premise. The BCS is not superior to anything. It really isn’t. Not to say that this new system is not without flaws; namely that only four teams make the “postseason” when a six-conference-champ-and-two-wild-card model would have been far superior. I won’t debate that, and I think it’s the height of stupidity to have it once again come down to a “selection” by committee. But to get there, we had to take this first step. Now it may be a long time coming, but I really believe that we will see an eight team playoff in 10 years or so, after this model is experimented with. But as with all things, massive change — like going from a silly computer-generated rankings to an actual playoff — takes time.

If they really want to fix the problem, don’t rank teams until the fifth or sixth week of the season. Absurd that a team with two losses at the end of the year could still make a BCS bowl because they were ranked highly to start the year. But that’s another story for another day.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend, everyone. The Bunk will be along to regale you with tales of soccer lore this weekend.

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