The Morning Wood and Myths of Obamacare

Holy shit, that is RAYCESS.

Death panels! Armed IRS agents! On-demand abortion!

That’s right, folks. The new tax from Kenyan Prime Minister Barack Hussein Obama (more like NOBAMA, you feel me tea party?!??!??!!1ONE!!1) is going to bring all of these horrid chickens home to roost and probably a lot more, since the bill was longer than 4 pages and therefore something that a guy like Herman Cain couldn’t possibly read. When Cain is elected president, every bill will fit on the bottom of a Godfather’s Pizza box. For FREEDUMB.

This is why we must fight — continuously on the news, and especially in the chambers of Congress — to REPEAL the law and REPLACE it with something that we haven’t come up with yet.

All of the above brought to you by the GeeOhPee, bringers of hate and fear to the masses since a long fucking time ago. What could the Dems even THINK of countering with?

Shit. They countered with reason and common sense, the GOP’s two known kryptonites.

He’s absolutely right. The entire debate has lost sight of the people its supposed to help and has become a political football. Not that anyone is surprised; that’s what happens. But the rhetoric must stop.

“It’s a TAX! It’s a TAX!” It’s $150 a year in 2014. It maxes out at $600 a year. Shut the fuck up.

There are people who need this. People who will miss less work because they’re not in a hospital. Shorter lines at the ER because folks are able to get preventative care. And those of us who do have health insurance no longer have to pay for those who use the resources but have no way to pay.

Which part of this is bad?

Republicans are just pissed that it was their idea, and the Dems actually got it implemented.

Suck it.


Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is saying that natural gas fracking has “literally no risk.” While I wouldn’t use the term “literally” here, as there are some risks involved any time you drill into the core of the earth to find a hazardous material, on the whole he’s generally right. When done correctly, by reputable companies hiring reputable contractors to do the work, the risk is significantly lower. Does this mean he loves fracking? No, but he does see the purpose of it, especially as this country tries to rebuild its economy. Oil & Gas provides a lot of jobs, especially in Colorado, and a vast majority of that comes from fracking now. We’re all going to have to deal with that, and instead of reacting in a knee-jerk manner, start looking at the actual “risk” involved: It ain’t the fracking. It’s where the water will come from.

Of course, lost in the issue of fracking were the brilliant remarks he had for the national political parties (in the same article, towards the bottom of the page). All in all, an excellent read. And he’s 10000% correct. Literally.

John McCain used to be not-crazy. This was before he decided to run for President in 2008, before he tossed the albatross around our collective neck known as Sarah Palin. Well, yesterday Not-Crazy McCain came out of the woodwork, and it was fascinating, as he defended Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Muslim aide (and wife to sex weirdo Anthony Weiner lul “weiner”) against attacks from truly crazy Michele Bachmann.

Day number whatever for Mitt Romney’s “I refuse to release my tax returns because there’s obviously something so clearly damaging in there that cannot see the light of day, lest I not be elected for my turn to outsource Americans to other countries and self-deport poor people to Mexico so I and the other rich folk can finally have an entire country to ourselves” agenda. Now word is coming out that, had he known he would have had to release these documents, he never would have run. Leaving us with a nominee like Palin or Newtie or — shudder — Rick Perry. So, I guess, thank goodness Mitt’s too stupid to know that every major party candidate for President since 1968 has released several years’ worth of tax returns.

Meanwhile, Ann Romney’s dressage horse has better healthcare and living conditions than most Americans. USA! USA! USA!

Trayvon Martin murderer George Zimmerman went on teh TEEVEEZ. That was probably a bad idea.

Yesterday was the birthday of the Good Doctor Hunter S. Thompson. He would have been 75 and still gonzo as fuck. Here are ten legendary stories about the man who gave gonzo a face.

Enjoy Thursday, wage slaves.

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