The Morning Wood: Tragedy


There are articles sometimes that you don’t want to write. This morning brings one of those.

Between the migraine I woke up with and the shooting at a movie theater last night, I have zero desire to write anything snarky or mean spirited or anything of the sort. It’s just not the time to do so.

Last night, in Aurora (an eastern suburb of Denver), a man kicked in the side door of a movie theater premiering The Dark Knight Rises, dressed in “a riot helmet, goggles, a bullet proof vest and a gas mask,” according to reports. He then tossed what was either a smoke bomb or a tear gas bomb, and opened fire on the crowded theater.

Remember, this was the premiere of one of the most anticipated films of all time. There were a lot of people in that theater, sitting prone, staring straight ahead, unable to defend themselves.

12 confirmed dead. 50 more wounded.

Obviously, the facts are going to come out in the coming days, and that’s a good thing. Police arrested the suspected shooter, then immediately went to check out his apartment when he said he had explosives there. He had several more guns in his car.

And predictably, the Interwebs immediately got into retard mode. On one forum I frequent, it took all of two posts for someone to bring up the shooter’s political affiliation. On Gawker, the most-popular discussion revolves around a guy wanting to make it clear that “Firearms didn’t kill anyone here. One ass-clown did.” And on Facebook, the world’s hub for everything fucking stupid, “I think everyone should have guns. Then none of this shit would happen. An armed society is a polite society.”

To take something so obscenely awful and turn it into a political football before the fucking bodies are cold is fucking despicable.

Good coverage on this morning, as well as Please don’t give the Denver Post and their sensationalist bullshit your clicks. Deadspin has the story of one of the victims, a local aspiring sportscaster whose last blog entry was an account of the Eaton Centre shooting in Toronto.

And apparently the suspect’s mother had a “gut instinct” that it was her son doing the shooting, and neighbors claim they heard an explosion when police robots entered the “booby-trapped” apartment.

I don’t know what I can add. As more stories come in, I’ll update below, I guess. I hope our readership and their families are all okay.

One thing we can all do: Head to the Bonfils Blood Center (they’ve got locations all over the state) and donate. Please.


Talk radio dipshit Neal Boortz wastes no time in politicizing the tragedy. Because he’s a fucking asshole. Fuck you, Neal Boortz.
UPDATE: He’s “apologized” sort of. Saying the President “just affects me that way” is akin to punching someone and then justifying doing so by saying, “well, his face was already messed up.” Neal Boortz: Still an asshole. Let him know via Twitter: @TalkMaster

One of the wounded shared pictures of his bullet wound. Warning: Includes an up-close photo of a bullet wound. The man is Chris Rapoza, and the woman holding the shirt is Perry-Elena Segura, known associates and co-conspirators of the DDP’s own The Bunk.

Jon Bowman of Channel 2 “News” is blaming the “new dark side” of Batman, because it’s not “Adam West” like when he was a kid. SMH. (h/t Flomberg)

It was only a matter of time before God became the talking point. Thanks a lot, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-etard).
UPDATE: The consistently excellent Slate has taken Gohmert to task over his assertion by using examples from what we like to call “the real world.”

How the news of the #TheaterShooting spread, via Poynter.

The suspect’s apartment was most certainly booby trapped, with what appears to be “quite sophisticated” explosives.

Not only has the suspect’s building been evacuated, but so have FIVE (5) other buildings in the vicinity, due to the booby trapped explosives.

Everyone, may I have your attention, please: John Stamos would like to extend his condolences.

ABC’s Brian Ross: Worst reporter ever? Or Worstestest est est est reporter ever?

The suspect, James Holmes, was a PhD student at the CU School of Medicine. He withdrew from the school last month.

“Bullets came through the walls.”


“Hey, shooters! Any weekend plans?” The tone-deaf NRA. Missing the point since forever.

Was the shooting last night somehow related to a 1985 Batman comic? Probably not.

The incredibly sad tale of Jessica Ghawi, the sportscaster discussed in this post who was shot and killed in the theater, gets sadder when you read her brother’s blog accounting of what happened. RIP, Jessica.

Local sports radio outfit 104.3 FM “The Fan” is reporting that Aurora police have not yet removed the bodies of the twelve slain moviegoers out of a suspicion that the shooter may have left incendiary devices in the theater. Hard to imagine how more news could make this more appalling than it already is.

If you’d like a sense of the chaos and confusion, here is the police scanner audio from the Aurora Police’s rapid mobilization and response to the shooting.


  1. Mlle. Bébé Gottbach, Ph.D says:

    So very well said. I tried to write something similar, but it mostly just came out as the typed version of incoherent screaming.


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