The Morning Wood – Appetite at 25

There aren’t all that many music albums that have come out and completely changed the way I look at music. Metallica’s …And Justice for All, U2′s Under a Blood Red Sky.

And the debut album from a Los Angeles-based rock band: 1987′s Appetite for Destruction by Guns N’ Roses. Which turns 25 this month. Which makes me feel extraordinarily old.

Of course, we all know the story from there. Axl Rose, the mercurial lead singer of GNR, became too big for his white-leather britches after a couple years of success, when his insanity was given a checkbook and a mandate to be as loony as possible. When the frontman melts down, it’s only a matter of time.

Not that there wasn’t good stuff to come for GNR after Appetite; the “November Rain” video still gives me chills, and I love hearing Axl’s whiny “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” when it comes on the radio.

But all in all, GNR failed to reach the heights — mostly unexpected — they’d achieved with Appetite. It changed a lot of teenage boys’ lives. Drew Magary has an excellent article compiling thoughts and memories on the album from celebrities and readers alike. Enjoy.

On to the Links:

Batman Shooting
This is easily my least favorite part of the Wood to write every day, but until the information stops pouring out, I feel it’s sort of a duty to continue coverage. The whole thing just makes me sick, and angry, and the easy acquiring of assault weapons makes Russell Simmons pretty pissed too. He’s 1000% right.

The arsenal pulled out of James Holmes apartment in Aurora is disturbing.

Colorado Senator Shawn Mitchell is a piece of shit. By repeating Mike Coffman’s ridiculous and offensive “he’s UnAmerican” rhetoric, he’s attempting to lend legitimacy to the argument. Sorry Shawn, but we’re not buying that particular brand of bullshit.

Unlike this President, I’d protect national secrets as if they were my own tax returns.” – Draft dodger and pro-draft protester Mitt Romney, speaking to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. How is anyone voting for this guy?

And, in the least surprising news of the day, it appears that the superduperstar from Romney’s “I did so build this!” ad has taken money from the government in the MILLIONS of dollars. But he built it himself. Yawn.

Christian Bale took two and a half hours to visit Aurora shooting victims yesterday. I’ll forgive him for any upcoming shouting he does at underlings on his movie sets, because this shows he actually understands there’s a world outside of his own. Kudos.

Friend of the blog and all-around nice guy Adam Cayton-Holland — you should follow him! — made it on to Esquire Magazine’s “Best New Comedians of 2012” list, compiled in part by Parks & Rec star Aziz Ansari. Not a bad thing to have on your resume, Adam, but you can still suck ya OWN dick.

In news that devastated The Bunk and his hopes for Washington Redskins world domination under the steady guidance of Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan, CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco has the SKEEEEEEEINS going 3-13. I don’t have jokes here.

The Denver Broncos start training camp tomorrow. Talk about Morning Wood.

Have a good Wednesday, wage slaves.

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