The Morning Wood: Second Amendment Remedies, UPDATED

It is Monday, 6 August of Her Majesty’s 2012, and this is what America looks like. Sharron Angle’s wet dream about 2nd Amendment Remedies is coming true, but instead of armed insurrection against the tyrannical government The People are taking down perceived enemies of the state, like Muslims Sikhs.

In case anyone was counting, seventeen (17) days elapsed between the Aurora theater massacre and the most recent act of domestic terrorism, a shooting at a Sikh temple outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin yesterday morning that left seven people dead including the gunman, a 40-year old white male who carried out the attack with a 9mm semiautomatic pistol.

Sikhism is a 500-year old monotheism that originated in the Indian state of Punjab. Often mistaken for Muslims because of their head-dresses and south Asian descent, members of the American Sikh community are no strangers to violence and intimidation. Yesterday’s mayhem marks at least the seventh act of violence against Sikhs since the attacks of September 11, 2001.

According to NBC, the shooter had “no obvious connection to domestic terror or white supremacist groups and apparently was not on any list of suspected terrorists.” However, the Daily Beast is reporting that the shooter was ex-military, sported 9/11 commemorative tattoos, and “likely held similar views” to domestic white terrorist groups. UPDATE: Suspected shooter Wade Michael Page, a native of Colorado, was a frustrated neo-Nazi and made shitty hardcore white supremacist music.

Whether it’s from wildfires or gunfire, Congress fiddles while America burns. Seventeen days is now the over/under for the next mass shooting in ‘Merica. Place your bets with publius1981 at gmail dot com.

On to the links.
NBCee’s coverage of the 30th Olympiad in scenic London, England has been universally panned for the usual sob-stories, fluffery of superstar athletes, and tape-delayed broadcasts of events that should be carried live, like the opening ceremonies. The network is unapologetic about its 20th century media treatment of a 21st century media event, not even pretending to care that they are alienating an entire generation of viewers by not offering online streaming coverage to viewers without cable TV subscriptions.

Those who tuned in online yesterday to watch Usain Bolt & Co. in the Men’s 100-meter track final were treated to a heavily pixelated screen due to temporary buffering of the streamed video. SMH.

There is no reason to expect NBCee’s coverage to improve because ratings remain high, somehow. In the meantime, if you’d rather not have your intelligence insulted by NBC your best alternative is probably to spoof your IP address and watch the BBC’s brilliant online coverage. This is tricky, can cause security issues on your computer, and is not legal. So, make sure you do it right.

Also, according to Fox News the American Olympians are insufficiently enthusiastic about jingoism and bloodshed. David Sirota wins the round.

The landscape of campaign finance is rapidly changing in our post-Citizens United living nightmare of an electoral Wild West. See here for the librul New York Times’s reporting of the U.S. Senate race in Missourah, where the incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill is being systematically pulverized by shadowy DeeCee-based organizations that are abusing section 501 (c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Code to launch tax-free, fact-free attacks on political candidates without having to disclose the identities of the donors involved.

That is all for now, my precious little cogs in the engine of Kapitalism. Magic Sam will be along this afternoon with an epic takedown of narcissism and fraud in the world of sports blogging, highlighting one egregiously pathetic website as an example.

And no, it’s not this website. You jokers.

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