The Morning Wood: Peyton’s Place

Welcome back, Mr. Manning. You belonged here all along, and last night showed it. Yeah, a couple passes fluttered, and you threw a freak interception at the goal line that was tipped off Brandon Stokley’s shoulder pad, but otherwise you were spot on, and your big completion to Eric Decker on 3rd and 17 was positively inspired.

I am so, so happy that you’re a Bronco, and I cannot wait to see where you take this team.

And once again, Thank You, John Elway.

The sideshow is gone, this is a team again on the rise. A passing attack? A legitimate pass rush? We’d forgotten what those things looked like, but they’re both back now, and it’s a beautiful thing.

For more notes on the game, check out It’s All Over Fat Man‘s coverage.

Ridiculous human, conspiracy theorist and birth certificate aficionado Donald Trump is going to help the campaign of Mexican Space Lizard Willard Romney, you guys. So don’t you worry your pretty little head over it. The Donald will make sure that Obama releases his college transcripts because that matters somehow, but he’ll also make sure that Romney doesn’t need to release anything more than a fart or two — and certainly no tax returns or actual plans for doing the fixing he keeps talking about doing — during the rest of the election cycle.

People will actually vote for this man. All I can do is shake my head.

And in Romney VP news, everyone seems to be on the Paul Ryan for Veep train. Even Democrats, because the guy’s plan for the economy has been shown in very real terms to bankrupt the nation over the next 10 years while making the richie richest of us that much richy richier. Something something trickle down.

Remember when Harry Reid was all, “ZOMG U GYZ MEBBE MITT DIDNT PAE TAKXES FOR LYK 10 YRS LOL”? And everyone in the Republican party was all “SHUT UP HAIRY REED U R DUM”? ‘Member that? Well apparently Reid’s source was an original investor in Bain Capital, Romney’s outsourcing shop job creating machine. Oops.

Job Seekerism!
When you apply for a job in earnest and receive back a sales email encouraging you to pay $500 to go to a job fair, feel free to write back “I would like to extend you an invitation to suck my dick.” ESPECIALLY if you’re female. Seriously, that’s one of the best letters I’ve ever read.

Guess what assholes!? It’s Friday! Let’s get drunk and make some bad decisions out there.

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