The Morning Wood: Public Fisticuffs

… let’s just move on.

Your humble correspondent, as he will occasionally do, posted some factual assertions about one Paul D. “Eat the Poor” Ryan immediately following his ascension as running mate to Mexican Space Lizard from the Planet Kolob, horse enthusiast and occasional taxpayer Willard, Mittens of Romney. In this screed, what was written were the exact policy platforms that he has laid out during his 14 years sucking the government teat while simultaneously despising government in the US House of Representatives. None of these assertions were false. That they didn’t look very good written down is a reflection of the policies, not a reflection of me posting them.

But this is our Fox News climate, where everything is up for debate, truths become lies, facts become arguable, and people get fucking mad, man.

Suddenly, we weren’t discussing the item at hand, which is Paul Ryan’s hatred of anyone poor, love for anyone rich, and dedication to destroying the social safety net as a member of one of this nation’s deliberative bodies. Nope. The issue became my placement on the political scale, whether or not I have a soft head (I just checked; head is hard, but my hair is wavy and luxurious), and in the words of one poster, why I have “a problem with people being accountable for their own lives.”

Thing of it is, I don’t have a problem with people being accountable for their own lives. I’m like most folks, and I’m accountable for my own life; if not, who would be accountable for me?

This is how the Fox News people win. We take an honest discussion of Ryan’s budget and turn it into “if you don’t like him fucking over the poor and elderly, then you hate personal responsibility and boot straps!” There is middle ground. We need to find it. And until we do, things are going to continue just as they are now, regardless of who is in the White House or Congress.

Negotiation isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of adulthood. And if you can’t argue the merits of your ideas on the actual merits of your ideas instead of whether or not someone hates America or isn’t a real American or dislikes accountability, you should lose that debate.

Our elected officials owe us better than that. But we’ve got to hold them accountable, and that means not falling into that trap ourselves.

The links:
Oh look! Someone took all of Paul Ryan’s plans, extrapolated them to show what they would actually accomplish, and put them in slideshow form! Clearly they did this because they hate America and apple pie and grandma and blowjobs and don’t own any bootstraps.

That’s the kind of link where you see it and go, “Synergy.” Yeah.

Speaking of Ryan’s plan, under his tax plan Mittens of Romney would pay less than 1% in income taxes, which should TOTALLY help with that budget deficit thingiebob. And if I was Mitts, I’d totes magotes want to use that tax plan too. (Seriously, I hate paying taxes. Totally see the need, and completely understand that taxes are what you pay for living in a civilized society/first world country, but STILL. Fucking taxes.)

A couple years ago, Mitt suggested there be a Constitutional Amendment that require anyone who wants to become President to work “for three years” “in business.” Which — OOPS! — would disqualify Young Paulie Baggadonuts, who has worked in government HIS ENTIRE ADULT LIFE. LOL SMH. How does someone make the government his entire career and aspire to ascend to the highest levels, but completely hate and want to dismantle the entire institution? WHY IS NOBODY ASKING THIS QUESTION?

Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Deadbeat Dads) is inciting people to shoot at Mooslums. Hooray! Guns!

The Olympics ended the other night. It was sorta cray cray, but the highlight for me was seeing Eric Idle from Monty Python performing Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, one of my favorite songs and one that The Bunk absolutely KILLS at karaoke.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports, ESPN (which stands for ENTERTAINMENT & Sports Programming Network), has decided that Tim Tebow should be considered the best lefty in sports history. After one year of runslinging his way to the playoffs using a high school offensive scheme and getting EXTREMELY lucky at the right times, Tebow really shouldn’t be considered the best at anything.

I’d put anyone mentioned on that list ahead of Tebow, but specifically Steve Young, Bill Russell, and Babe Ruth. Why? Because they’ve actually accomplished something at the professional level and don’t rely on Florida DERP-tards to make them seem better than they are.

There is no level of pandering that E(!)SPN won’t reach.

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