The Morning Wood: Excuse Me While I Whip This Out….

This has been quite an election cycle. Gaffe after gaffe… and mostly from the right. It blows my mind, this campaign. It’s got to be one of the worst I’ve ever seen in terms of messaging (ie: there isn’t one beyond “We can’t talk about our platform or nobody will elect us”), vetting (Seriously, you’re running against Obamacare with the guy who invented it?), and just the general lack of enthusiasm. Seriously, even I have trouble getting into this election cycle, and there’s SO MUCH at stake.

I think it’s just pure exhaustion. This big dust up with Todd Akin (R-idonkulous) should have pissed me off a lot more than it did… but it didn’t. Just a mild eyeroll. Why? Well people, how can I look so harshly on Mr. Akin’s disgusting views when he’s just SAYING what’s been in the GOP platform since the ’80s? How can I crucify this guy for telling the truth; that the GOP thinks women lie about rape, and that (on some level) dirty sluts like being raped? Obviously we like it, on some level, or we wouldn’t be getting pregnant. This is some late 1700s “science” you guys, the idea that women can’t get pregnant without experiencing some pleasure. For his next trick, Todd Akin will propose bloodletting as a Medicaid-reimbursable treatment, because the fewer poors, the better.

The GOP right now is NOT the GOP pre-Bush. What we’ve got right now is the hard-liners, the religious nuts, the racists, the homo-bigots, and the woman-haters driving the bus. All that, with a thin crust of has-beens, trying desperately to hold on to their jobs. The GOP now is run by the angry white guys, convinced that all the uppitty negroes and mouthy dykes are stealing their God-given power as MEN to be in charge of shit. That’s what this is, whitey’s last gasp. And after this, assuming the Dems sweep the House and/or Senate, and retain the Presidency… I predict a riot. We’ve got a lot of really pissed off, really stupid dudes running around with guns right now, and a political party telling them they need to “take aim” and “attack” and use their “second amendment remedies” to fix the problem. The pressure cooker is on, and something’s gotta pop. So yeah, I know it makes me sound like some kind of nutter myself, but I think there will be problems.

But maybe none of this will matter? American is already an oligarchy, slouching overweight-ly to fascism. It’s a short jump folks, and we’ve only ourselves to blame. Look at voter suppression tactics in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Florida… Every place the freedom-loving Tea Party powered in state-level candidates. They love democracy so much they have to take it away from blacks and Hispanics. They might get it dirty or something.

The bottom line here is… read the Republican platform for yourself. They’re against minority issues, women’s issues, and gay issues. They’re for big business, and against non-poisionous water and air and dirt for us. They haven’t changed since they sucked in the late ’50s. The GOP in 2012 does not deserve your vote. Not if you’re a Christian, or a Libertarian, or a Muslim, or a woman, or a person of any color. Unless you are a white, heterosexual man who actually believes that the blacks and the Mexicans and the women are going to enslave you once they have their turn… they just have nothing to offer you.

The thing that’s exhausting is they they don’t care either. They’re not going to change their platform to try and win your vote, they’re just going to take your vote away…. because Freedom, and the Constitution, and Socialism, and Bootstraps, and praise Jesus (but follow Ayn Rand).

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