9/11 Mourning Wood

Every year, we have to face this date on the calendar. And every year, I’m left without words to describe the awfulness of that day, when 19 unsmiling men woke up early to fly planes into New York skyscrapers.

Honestly? After 11 years of going through it, I don’t have words for it anymore. I felt numb that day, and I feel numb now, and when I think of Osama bin Laden I wish we could kill him again. I really do. And if that makes me vengeful, then I’m vengeful. Seriously, fuck that guy.

But that event — the killing of bin Laden in a late night raid in Abottabad, Pakistan — was the only thing related to the entire event of September 11th, 2001, that could bring me any feeling of… anything. I read now about the problems with national security, about how the Bush administration knew more than they did anything about leading up to the attacks, and I feel nothing; I don’t want to think of former presidents as lazy, and out of touch, and stubborn, and refusing to listen to their advisers.

I read stories now from people complaining that President Obama “takes credit” for authorizing the raid that killed bin Laden, which just seems extremely petty when you consider that A) he was our greatest enemy as a nation, and B) some country bumpkin wrote a song about “stickin’  a boot up” bin Laden’s “ass” in a celebratory manner. But, I suppose, that bumpkin wasn’t a Democrat, and he wasn’t a black man, so he’s allowed to pre-emptively do some ass-kicking.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll mention that today, 9/11 doesn’t seem so dark.

With bin Laden dead, we should all be spiking footballs.

Because for the second September 11th in a row, America can continue to heal without that scourge on our minds.

Because he’s gone. And he’s not coming back.

The links:
More 9/11!
As New York City observes the 9/11 tragedy, Librul Lamestream Media Attack Pig The New York Times headline screams that there was much more negligence surrounding 9/11 than has been reported. Again, it does not make your humble correspondent happy in any way to report this, as I think political footballs are dumb. HowEVAH, it does piss me off in a major way that President Bush would ignore warnings, introduce the Patriot Act, get re-elected to office, and have his brother make the absurd claim at this year’s Republican National Convention that while GW wasn’t perfect, “he kept us safe.” And all of it — every single bit of it, from the fear and “warning threat level rainbow” to the extreme bullshit we now have to endure on domestic flights in this country — was because of his failure to do his job.

That’s some brass.

Ohio might be the worst place on earth. The landscape is ugly. Cleveland and Columbus and Cincinnati are all located there, as is “THE” Ohio State University, which is its own special kind of shithole. None of those towns know how to build a walking or biking trail, so all of the people are giant fat asses, and they think Skyline Chili is actually passable (and they serve it over spaghetti -WTFUCKS?).

But this? This has got to take the cake. Seems like of all the dipshits in the Ohio GOP, 15% actually think that Money Badger Mitt Romney (who, it should be noted, doesn’t give a FUCK) is more responsible for killing bin Laden than President Obama, who actually gave the order but somehow is not allowed to be happy about it. I see stupid people.

Meanwhile, in New York, the small business owner who was so happy that President Obama came to visit his shop that he picked him up in a sweeping bear hug — which made for one of the most awesome photos of this campaign — is being boycotted by Republicans across the country for that moment of feel-goodery. Mr. Scott Van Duzer, a Republican small business owner who will vote for Obama, is having his shop pilloried on the internet because he thinks for himself and has decided to vote for his choice of candidates. THAT is what the Republican party has come to. “Oh, you’re going to vote for O’Bummer? WE WILL RUIN YOUR BUSINESS AND TRY TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE.”

Gosh, who wouldn’t want to vote alongside those people? They seem so happy, and have such a positive attitude.

Monday Night Football was last night you guys, the first one of the season, and it was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The end.

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