Debate Night Grab-Assery

To all men who shall look upon this, a greeting:

For it was so written that on Three October in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Twelve, a debate was to be held that pitted the President of These United States against the challenger, The Stormin’ Mormon, Willard “Mittens” Romney, live from a college campus wherein American children are loaded up with debt they will carry for the rest of their lives.

It is in the spirit of this great debate (and the great debt befalling our younger generations) that we offer up the finest in Live Blog Technology, hosted by our own Mlle. Bébé Gottbach, Ph.D.

Join us starting at 8:30 Eastern Time for margaritas, scotch, beer, vodka, shots, bodyshots, mind erasers and enough booze to shake your dick at.

In addition, The Bunk will be live-tweeting over at @DailyDickpunch, which you can follow at the right margin of this very screen! Freedom!

Until then, assholes.

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