The Morning Wood Revels In The Misfortune Of Dinesh D’Souza

Happy Friday, libtards. The Google Search term of the week is “Paul Ryan Erection”. We don’t know, and we don’t wanna know.

In other newz, Dinesh D’Souza is a Maker, Not A Taker you guys, which is why he makes until recently made a $1 million salary to be the president of The King’s College.

The King’s College, y’know, one of the venerated institutions at the University of Cambridge in Merrie Olde Englande?

Nah, not that one, nor was it King’s College London, the third oldest university in Yngland and the largest constituent college of the University of London.

Obvs, neither of those Kings were virtuous enough to have the noted Portuguese Indian (dot, not feather) “scholar” at the helm.

Senhor D’Souza was paid a cool million to preside over a 400-student degree mill & wholly owned subsidiary of the Kampus Krusade for Khrist™ that occupies a few floors of some soulless office building in the Financial District in Manhattan, the American Gomorrah.

And what did this great, if slightly odd-looking, man do to justify his seven figure salary at one of the smallest accredited “universities” in ‘Merica?

Oh y’know, this and that. A Very Serious documentary film called 2016: Obama’s America where Mr. D’Souza uses his super mind-reading powers to tell us what that sinister Kenyan Hitler Barack Obama’s real plan for America is, which is apparently to transform the Land of Libertee & FreeDUMB into a sclerotic soshulist banana republic by the end of his inevitable second term.

That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Why would Barry Bamz do that to us? Because he’s an “anti-colonialist”, which is apparently A Thing according to Dinesh D’Souza. Bammerz HUSSEIN hates ‘Merica and will seize her wealth to give to assorted undeserving brown people in DARKEST SUB-SAHARAN AFRIKA, and then we’ll all be proper fucked.

In the Year of Our Tebow 2012, how is it that anyone is not “anti-colonialist”? After all, if not for anti-colonial sentiment the USA America wouldn’t even exist. We would all still be Englishmen and suffer under the yoke of effective parliamentary democracy, a National Health Service that delivers superior public health outcomes at a fraction of the cost and, most odiously, the BBC.

Just kidding y’all, colonialism is inseparable from genocide. Just because Victoria, Empress of India did a better job administering the British Empire at its zenith than the Belgians did in the Congo does not mean we should remember it fondly, at all.

But it’s not quite that straightforward for ol’ Dinesh, because he is a Khristian. Thank God that his entire people were subjugated for centuries by a small army of highly educated British bureaucrats, because it allowed a tiny minority of Indians (including Senhor D’Souza) to cast off the oppression of a thousand false pagan deities in favor of one false Trinity.

Dinesh D’Souza takes his Xtianity seriously you guys. Seriously enough in fact that when he started sleeping with someone who was not his wife, he made sure it was a female (!) and not a lithe 19-year old rent boy from the Meatpacking (heh) District who aspires to dance at Julliard some day but knows deep down that all he’ll ever be is a whore.

A painfully beautiful, soft-skinned, pouty-lipped whore.


  1. [...] Dinesh D’Stupid! You’ll never believe this, you guys, but it turns out Dinesh D’Souza is sort of a prick! And that his really awesome live-action Avatar movie made, like, lots of money from idiots in the heartland who really don’t like black people! Now, I know that this will come as a shock, but accusations have been made that Mr. D’Souza has misused funds associated with the money raised and earned by the film, and these accusations are coming from his partners in the movie business! J’accuse! He seemed like such a nice, on-the-level guy to us. [...]

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