The Morning Wood Uses a Bayonet and Rides a Horse

Sorry Debate-aphiles, but last night was the third and final debate in this Presidential Election season, and we have only two (2) more weeks until we go to the polls and have our votes not counted by magical voting machines that Tagg Romney owns. If you haven’t yet read the play-by-play from our own Mlle. Bebe Gottbach (and the drunken rage that came with it), I’d recommend you do so today whilst your employer is paying your overly generous salary. That’ll show him.

Anyway, The Bunk and I went to a local drinking establishment to take in the debate on a large screen TV with sound played on a PA that is generally used by Rockabilly bands to propel songs about motorcycles and surfing and swing dancing towards audiences of girls with funny bangs who would look like pinups if they were just a little hotter. We sat in plastic lawn chairs on what is normally a dance floor. I yelled at the teevee and attempted funnies on teh Twitterz. The Bunk did likewise, and was funnier.

He and I saw the same thing: Kenyan Prime Minister Barack HUSSEIN Obama really showing his stuff in an area of discussion where he’s simply much more competent than his competition.

But what I noticed was obviously a mindful decision by the Mitt Romney camp to have him agree with everything the President said on foreign policy. When you can’t attack your opponent because you’re not nearly as strong in a given area, simply co-opt his statements, make them your own, and keep the election about something else. That’s what Mittens did, and it was pretty damn savvy. He looked like a tool last night, and that “horses and bayonets” line from the President was absolutely inspired zingering.

You’ll see a bounce from this debate, I think, but I do wonder if it’ll be short-lived, and if we get bad jobs numbers next week it just may not matter. Unbelievably, this is a dead heat (at least according to most people) and much closer than it should be. Even some women are going to vote for Mittens, a prospect I find simply unreal. He HATES women. Smh.

Anyway, here are some links to increase your debate knowledge, awareness, and snark. Because I love you.

President Obama asserted his command, according to The New Republic.

Andrew Sullivan had a pretty good live blog of the proceedings.

Was the third and final debate President Obama’s finest moment of the campaign? Did it sorta need to be?

Style and substance both go to The President.

And Obama cleanly won the debate. Easily.

Of course, Mitt won the “Big Whoppers” competition of “who can tell the most lies and untruths, and also who can change their position the most.” So, good for him?

And Glenn Beck (who is still a thing, evidently; I really had no idea) may not vote for Romney after his performance in the debate last night.

That’s it for now. See y’all later.

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