This Morning Wood Was Built By A Government Program

Sometimes, you just need a government program to accomplish something which otherwise never would have happened.

Do you see that statue? That’s called “The CCC Worker,” and it’s stationed near the upper lot of the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. It’s a beautiful piece of bronze, overlooking the park, famous concert venue and, further east, the city of Denver. And it represents an idea. An idea that when we need it the most, great things can be built at the behest of our government that improve life, not just for the citizens of a given city, but also for the lives of the workers who get jobs for a long-term project.

The plaque which adorns the statue says this:
“CCC Worker”
Erected in 2004 by Chapter 7, NACCCA
in cooperation with the City and County of Denver.
Dedicated in honor of the 3 million workers
who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps
from 1933 to 1942 and to those members of
Co 1848, SP-13-C, Morrison, Colorado
who were the builders of this
Red Rocks Amphitheatre from 1936 to 1941.

“What an obscure thing to bring up, Sam,” you’re saying. “What does this have to do with anything?” Great question.

Last night, there was a rally at Red Rocks Amphitheater for the Romney/Ryan campaign, featuring Kid Rock and some generic “we’ll put a boot in yer ass” country music “stars.” And the place was packed with about 10,000 Denver-area Republicans, none of whom seem to understand the irony of a situation where they’re chanting about how they “built that” while a statue overlooks the spectacle saying, in effect, “No, you didn’t. The Government did.”

See, Red Rocks has brought immeasurable joy to the people of Denver and Colorado. It’s one of the most famous outdoor concert venues in the entire world, and has hosted stars from all eras of great music. It’s beautiful, carved out of the red sandstone boulders of the Colorado foothills, and the natural sound has been good enough that many world-class artists have chosen to record concerts there (U2 and Dave Matthews Band among them).

There is no doubting the venue’s value to the community, to the state, to the culture. It also continues to make money for the City of Denver, 70 years after being built.

And there’s no way — none — that a President Romney would allow such a thing to be built. Using government to hire workers to build something in the common good? It would have been dismissed as a boondoggle, its funding cut completely (if it had been approved in the first place by a do-nothing Congress), and we would have been told that the free market would take care of it.

A world without Red Rocks. Think about that.

Of course, the event was jam-packed with people getting a free ticket to Red Rocks on a warm evening. Not a big deal (I’m pretty sure we knew that there were more than 10,000 registered Republicans in the Denver area), but definitely looks good for the cameras. Kid Rock (who I remind you is apparently still “a thing”) performed, sending all those in attendance into fits of wondering who that goddamn long-hair was. Ultimately, Romney was preaching to the converted, which likely won’t change much in the long term. Especially since Romney would cut funding to firefighters taking on our historically-bad wildfires this summer, cut teachers pay in order to stick it to unions (and, evidently, our kids), and cut funding to the police, working on solving crimes from one of Colorado’s most violent summers ever. Rom-ney! Rom-ney! Rom-ney!

Gifts from God!
Elsewhere, Indiana Republican/fucking moron Richard Mourdock was asked about abortion in cases of rape or incest. His answer, naturally, was that a pregnancy resulting from one of those two awful events is “a gift from god,” because something something “DURR LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION!” and “DURR I’M A FUCKING MORON!” Mitt Romney, who had cut a spot for Mourdock’s campaign earlier, said in a statement that Mourdock’s statement “does not reflect” his views, but… yeesh. Two weeks before the election, and you’ve got someone on your team going completely off the reservation? I don’t envy the Romneybot’s spin team.

And in old, loud, entitled asshole news, Donald Trump has a “bombshell” which he will be dropping on the world today. It’s about President Obama, because The Donald has an unhealthy obsession with the President (mostly because he didn’t get to BE the President). There’s much speculation about what that bombshell will entail, and Wonkette has a pretty good idea. The Bunk will be along shortly to give his thoughts on the matter as well.

Have a great Wednesday. And remember: The government didn’t build that, and if it did, we’ll hold a rally there to celebrate a man who never would have let it be built. USA! USA! USA!


  1. Mlle. Bébé Gottbach, Ph.D says:

    Y’know what I don’t understand?? If rape results in pregnancy, and women shouldn’t be allowed to abort a rape-fetus (except for if it risks her life) because that rape-fetus is the will of God….

    Is it not also the will of God for that woman to DIE for that rape-fetus?

    I mean seriously. If life is life, and it’s all God… why save a bitch? For that matter, why get ANY kind of medical intervention?

    Will of God, y’all.

  2. Reblogged this on Progressive Action New Hampshire and commented:
    Romney revelers gather to celebrate how the evil government didn’t build it at place that the evil government did in fact build. Thanks Sam!

  3. My sentiments exactly. My favorite uncle was proud of his participation in the CCC. Everywhere a person goes they can see the legacies left by the CCC. The nearest to me is only a few blocks away.

    I heard someone say the other day that the Republican Party is not afraid of government programs putting people to work failing. They are afraid of government programs working. The years of economic mythology they’ve invested themselves in would be history.


  1. [...] was a big day, yesterday. Lots of things happening. We reported on the Romney/Ryan campaign stop at Red Rocks on a picture perfect, warm Colorado night in October, and we told you about Donald Trump’s [...]

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