Redskins Rewind: Bob Griffin’s Bad Day at the Office

One of the side benefits of having RGThreesus is that the Skins’ games are being picked up on a larger share of the nation’s TeeVee networks than ever before. Sports bars are fun and all but can get tiresome, and I’m definitely too broke to justify getting DirecTV® solely to watch mah hometown team on NFL Sunday Ticket™. So it was nice to be able to watch the game at my gym and enhance mah girly figure rather than detract from it.

Or, it could have been nice. As it happened there was very little to be pleased about on Sunday, as them SKEINS were exposed as a poorly coached mediocrity of a football team. Shorn of virtually every skill player on the team except Bob Griffin, the Redskins had no answer to a Pittsburgh Steelers team that is now 15-1 in its last 16 home games against NFC opposition.

The burgundy and gold have been unlucky with injuries to be sure, but there was also a gulf in the quality of coaching on Sunday. Whereas Mike Tomlin’s team was well-drilled and aggressive on both sides of the ball, the Redskins were chasing the game from the opening drive.

The entirety of this Redskins performance was encapsulated in one ludicrous second quarter play where RGIII was on the receiving end of a deep throw from Josh Morgan, who had received the ball on a reverse. The Steelers’ defense didn’t bite, RGIII was flagged for offensive pass interference on a push that probably saved an interception, and then Griffin was subsequently hit very hard by the Stiller cornerback and former Redskin Ryan Clark, who himself was forced out of the game with a concussion a few plays later. With so many injuries and RGIII’s concussion earlier this year, a play call that put the rookie Redskin quarterback directly in the line of fire was curious, to put it mildly.

That abortion of a play halted a nascent drive at what should have been a manageable 3rd & 4 and ceded possession back to Ben Rapeyburger to HERP and DERP his way towards the Skins end zone.

Without some serious improvement on defense (which doesn’t seem likely), it’s difficult to envision the Skins picking up more than maybe two more victories: next week against difficult teenager Cameron Newton and the Carolina Panthers, and in week 15 against the Cleveland Browns. For the moment, RG3&13 is still a distinct possibility and the Shanahans will be beginning to feel the heat.

Darrell Green Redskin of the Week: [this space intentionally left blank]

Albert Haynesworth Deadskin of the Week: This unwanted accolade could have been presented to any number of the (bastard) Sons of Washington. The wide receiver corps was collectively responsible for dropping nine passes, two of which were uncontested throws to the end zone. The pass rush was nonexistent, Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer put on a passable impersonation of Jerome Bettis, and Ben Rapeyburger tore the Skins’ secondary apart at will.

However, one Redskin’s performance Sunday will elevate him into the pantheon of the least valuable, most inept players ever to wear the burgundy and gold.

DeAngelo “MeAngelo” Hall ran around a lot yesterday, chasing after the Steelers’ speedy wide receivers, failing to tackle them, and meekly pushing them out of bounds. That’s par for the course for Hall, who was voted as one of the most overrated players in the league by his fellow professionals. Howevah, late in the fourth quarter Mr. Hall somehow managed to out-stupid Josh Morgan’s unnecessary roughness penalty that cost the Redskins a shot at beating the St. Louis Rams in week 2.

It’s one thing for a rookie to get worked up by 60 minutes’ abuse at the hand of Cortland Finnegan, the single dirtiest player in the NFL, and lash out after having been afforded no protection by the replacement referees.

It’s another thing entirely for a “veteran” player to self-destruct and verbally abuse a referee. Almost as soon as the game was over as a contest MeAngelo took issue with some seemingly minor issue, took his helmet off whilst still on the field, and proceeded to say some words we won’t repeat here because this is a family web site.

His subsequent ejection will likely be followed by a fine and a suspension for week 9′s contest against the Carolina Panthers. At this rate, your correspondent’s activation as an emergency cornerback will come even sooner than expected and trust me Skins fans, THATZ NOT WUT CHU WANT.

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