The End of European Currency Union is Extremely Fucking Nigh

Your correspondent would like to point you to three interesting links that summarize the current state of affairs in the eurobanking crisis:

1. Sunday’s column by the Financial Times’ Wofgang Münchau (registration required; it’s worth the effort) argues that a disorderly breakup of the euro could begin in as soon as ten days at the December 9 summit meeting of the members of the European Union. Oh noes! At issue is whether Ze Germans will accept (or even can accept, based on their own constitution) enormous implicit fiscal transfers to the profligate spendthrift nations of southern Europe through a “eurobond” mechanism: a bond issued by the European Central Bank, the proceeds of which would secure the ability of troubled national governments to continue rolling over their debts at sustainable interest rates.

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An Existential Football Crisis


Hemingway called it “The White Bull”, that blank white space where typeface is supposed to go. And right now, I’m staring down The White Bull.

What can you say about a quarterback who doesn’t throw? What would you say about a running back who doesn’t run, or a wideout who doesn’t catch, or a defensive tackle who doesn’t tackle? It simply goes against every truth I’ve ever known in football, and I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. The entire thing is a contradiction.

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