The Morning Wood: Rise

“Why do we fall?”

Took in a viewing of The Dark Knight Rises yesterday with fellow dick joke enthusiast The Bunk, this after spending some time on Friday night watching Batman Begins and Saturday with The Dark Knight. And I’m not going to claim some grand and profound revelation based on the movies (though it was impossible not to think of the shootings) or say that I see the world more clearly now; there weren’t any, and I certainly don’t.

But I am sure that, in a summer where Colorado dominated the news for all the worst reasons, the people of my state will stand up again. We always do. This senseless murder was done by the worst of us, and what the intention was isn’t of particular importance. What is important is that we continue to come together as a community and help. Bonfils Blood Center was overwhelmed by people trying to make donations, and had to turn people away with nothing more than an appointment for later. Last night, a candlelight vigil was held across the street from the theater.

People coming together to heal people. America. Colorado.

“So we can learn how to get back up.” [Read more...]


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