Debugging Treasury Propaganda, Part One of Thirteen


Your correspondent is the first to admit that it can be challenging to develop and publish avant-garde mockery four or five times per week depending on the federal holiday schedule, powder days, and the itinerant laziness and disorganization of the crack journalistic and editorial staff of this thoroughly overrated e-rag.

Magic Sam and I have been going through myriad life changes in the last several weeks (mainly adult-onset puberty).

[Editor's note: The Cardigans covering Black Sabbath?? You're welcome.]

Like many other entrepreneurial ventures, pimpin’ ain’t easy and neither is racking your brain for original bloggy content on a schedule that doesn’t necessarily suit your drug induced hazes civilian life. It was therefore a welcome development when the lovely [name withheld] from [redacted] unwittingly inaugurated the Daily Dickpunch mailbag (known henceforth as The Dickbag) with the following:

“The U.S. Treasury’s ‘Economy in Charts‘: good, bad, or bunk… discuss”

FINE I WILL, gosh.

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Nerd Link of the Day: ‘Merica’s National Job-Creation Fetish

Illustration by Amit Werber

Ezra Klein, the economics correspondent superstar for the Washington Post and Bloomberg, has a killer article today that sums up what I’ve been trying to say (albeit less eloquently) for years: presidents have no control over job creation and the economy, and voting as if they do is a recipe for stupidity and stagnation.

If politicians could reliably create durable private sector employment, there would never be unemployment. It’s as simple as that. Politicians who “focus on job creation” through tax code distortions and gubmint subsidies for politically en vogue industries are either cynical or are charlatans, full stop. If the Famous-for-DeeCee people actually cared about jobs they would fundamentally rewrite the tax code, create some semblance of a single-payer health insurance system, or both.

Read the article, and then vote for the candidate who insults your intelligence the least.


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