Gone Fishin’

Good Morning.

The hard-working editors of this storied news paper are taking the week off in honor of LIBERTEE, FREEDUMB, and INDUHPENDENCE from the noted tyrant King George III.

Be sure to enjoy your charred factory-farmed animal carcasses and gratuitous displays of nationalism.

If you should find it difficult to go twenty-four hours without snark, do have a look at some of the sites that inspire us to blatantly rip them off write our award-winning* commentary on current events, sporting drama, and penis humor.

1. Wonkette – All the DeeCee gossip. The site that launched the careers of geniuses like Ana Marie Cox, Jim Newell, Sara Benincasa, Jack Stuef, and so many more!

2. Deadspin - Sporting news without access or discretion.

3. Kissing Suzy Kolber – Simply the best NFL humor site out there.

3. Gawker – The mothership of all snark.

4. Jezebel - Featuring the loveliest of lady smart-asses.

See you on July 9th, degenerates!

*not intended to be a factual statement


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