Fare Thee Well, Timothy

The time to go has come.

It is expected that today, Denver’s flirtation with the heavens will come to an end, as Timothy Richard Tebow, the polarizing figure at the sharp point of the Denver Broncos’ resurgence in 2011, will likely be dealt out of town to make room for — depending on who you’re hearing from — Peyton Manning’s forehead or John Elway’s ego, or both.

The truth is much less interesting than that. [Read more...]

Manning and the Broncos : Marital Bliss

I have been away from the keyboard for a while now, and did not expect my journalistic hiatus to end until I read Mark Kiszla’s column in The Denver Post this afternoon regarding Peyton Manning. Thanks Mark, I needed the inspiration and, as usual, I disagree.

I hope the Broncos are truly all in on the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. If Manning is healthy, and especially if he brings his teammate emeritus Reggie Wayne along, the tandem will be the cornerstones of a championship contender in Denver.

NFL success is measured by championships, not division titles, fan happiness, or quarterback sideline poses. A Manning-led Broncos team will be ready to compete for an AFC championship in 2012, and that reality should be enough to push John Elway and Pat Bowlen wholeheartedly into the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. [Read more...]


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